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1960 Lark VI - Stuck pins in clutch operating shaft

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  • Clutch/Torque Converter: 1960 Lark VI - Stuck pins in clutch operating shaft

    Has anyone had problems and found a good way to remove really REALLY stuck pins from the clutch operating shaft sleeve on a 1960 Lark VI. I've been soaking with PB Blaster and heating it as hot as I can get it with a propane torch for a week now. Just not freeing up.

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    That's odd, normally they slide right out!...You may need to use an oxy-acetylene torch setup.


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      Sometimes, a really worn pin has a groove worn into it, try to rotate the head of it with needle nose vise grips, while rotating the shaft a very small amount..... give it a few taps.. I had one so bad, I had to disconnect it, from the other end, at the frame with the engine partly hanging in the air! On this car, the 'connector' was so badly worn, I should have cut it off. You cant 'see' the wear until it comes apart..