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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Gm200 4r

    In the future months I'd like to convert my '64 GT Hawk to a GM200 4r auto trans. Has anyone used one from the long list of rebuilders advertising on the web? I'm looking for info on who is good and who is not. I want to avoid all the pitfalls of buying and problems involved with the undesirable sellers. Thanks for any info you can get me. Bill

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    The only disadvantage to buying from someone who is not local comes if/when your transmission fails or doesn't work correctly. I had my GM transmission rebuilt locally specifically to get a warranty. This way if it fails or doesn't work correctly I don't have to pack it up and ship it off then wait for a new one.



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      Bowtie Overdrives...


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        I second that: Bowtie Overdrives


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          If you want the best -

          I've got two of Scotts transmissions. If you are building any power, Scotts transmissions will survive over 1000hp. with only slightly higher prices than the costs below. His main business it the T-200 (three spd version), but the first three gears in the 4R are the same as the three spd trans. He's built several, stands behind everything he builds. He can also add in a "trans. brake" if you want clutch like, high rpm starts..!

          Another is -

          I have one of their transmissions. Though in the car, not running yet. Art has been building 200-4R's for longer than most.

          Along with Bowtie and a couple others.

          I know that both Scott and Art Carr test their trans. on dynos. before shipping. Make sure any one you buy from also tests before they ship.

          Just make sure you get the kick-down cable adjusted correctly.



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            Info I should have included; this is for a driver car, not racing or super high performance. I want a good reliable transmission that my wife can drive also. Actually, due to my wife wanting to drive the car is why I'm going with the AOD. Thanks to all for the info. Bill


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              Bill - That's exactly my position...daily drive, wife wants to drive it, too. You might have good luck finding a 200-4R in a used car that they came in. I bought one out of an 86 Monte Carlo SS for $100 on Craigslist.


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                Finding one locally isn't easy, however right now there is one out of an 87 Monte SS, on craigslist for $350. Problem is that I don't have a local rebuilder that I am "comfortable" with. Hence my search for a "good" rebuilder out "there". Thanks guys, Bill.


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                  Bill, check your messages. Bob


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                    BILL VAN ALSTYNE - If I were you, I'd SNAG that 87 Monte Carlo SS 200-4R! That particular transmission is as good as they get...


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                        I put the 200-4R out of the 86 Monte Carlo SS behind this...
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                          Looking over all the info on getting a used 30 year old (1987) transmission, still misses the fact that it will, at best, be a possible usable core to have rebuilt. If you are committed to doing the transplant, buy one from a name brand rebuilder, rebuilt for your use, pay the core charge and put it in. If you choose to buy the used up trans, you will probably wind up paying for worn out and unusable parts anyway, and may wind up spending more than the core charge, considering the cost of the used tranny and the parts.