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    Has anyone moved the oil filter on a V-8 Hawk, from the location on the oil fill tube, to a remote location? I'm thinking of doing it to clean up the top of the engine, and shortening/replacing the fill tube. If it's been done, there's no need to reinvent the wheel...

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    Yes it can be done.use flex hoses and if spin/on type mount up side prevent mess at oil change time. be careful shortening filler tube, it's baffeled for a reason! Luck Doofus


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      Good catch, on the fill tube baffle...


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        The filter can be moved, but why do it as it's in great spot for an easy replacement. Why take the chance of a flex hose failure by using a remote filter mount. Also you are dealing with a 3/16's line to the inlet side of the filter and a 1/4 line for the outlet. and to get those lines made isn't exactly cheap either as I haven't been able to get pre made oil filter lines in a good long time. Do not cut the stand pipe, like Doofus says, there is a baffle in the pipe to keep oil from blowing up into the breather cap. Bud


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          The neatest way to "clean up" the front of the V8 Engine if it does not need to look completely 1956 original, is:

          buy the late 1962 to 1964 Valve Covers (painted or Chrome) & Dual Caps and buy or make a '63-'64 Oil Filler Pipe Block-off Plate when you relocate the Oil Filter.
          You will be able to use the '58-'62 Spin-on Filter Base or your existing '56 Drop-in Canister Fram F4 filter.
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            Could remote mount on the inner fender apron ala Jensen Interceptor. They had a Chrysler V8 stuffed under the bonnet. Not much spare room under there!
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              I relocated the oil filter to where the mechanical fuel pump was on a 289 and went to an electric pump. Shortened the filler tube about inch and a half. Looks 95% better. Got rid of the oil bath air cleaner as well. Engine bay doesn't look like a tractor anymore.