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  • Electrical: Generator Voltage Regulator

    Click image for larger version

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    I have replaced the gen with an alternator the generator was charging when I removed it.I changed to an alternator to drive the AC.
    A any one interested in purchasing please PM me.

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    You might indicate what car they are from. They look like the Delco units for the V-8 engine, but...

    - 6 volt or 12?
    -Champion or Commander?

    Complete information makes for satisfying transactions.
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      Sorry they are from my 62 Hawk Neg ground 12 volt. Paint is gone from the tag but there is a number stamped in will up date
      later.Regulator is Echland


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        forgive me if I'm stating the obvious or something you already know, however the wiring for a Genny and for an Alternator are different. If you install an Alternator you must change the wiring to accept it. I don't know how to do this however there is a thread on this subject:

        I found it very interesting some years back. I've been thinking of switching out my Genny on the '60 Champ. However, it has been suggested to me to just fix the non-functional Genny I currently have. I wish shipping weren't so expensive. I'd just take yours off your hands.

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          If you study the wire diagrams changing to a one wire Delco is very easy .I added one 10 gauge wire from alt to the battery side of stater solonid removed the battery wire from the voltage regulator hooked it to the same post on starter solonid and the system charges.Amp gauge does not read so I plan to replace it with a volt meter .
          I will put the voltmeter where the amp meter is now and connect the two wires together on one terminal and that should read voltage.The amp meter is hooked in a series .

          So far no smoke has leaked out of the wires everyone knows when the smoke leaks out it won't work any more.
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            The generator used on a 62 Hawk is an Autolite/Prestolite GJP7402E which what is shown in the picture and it is good for 35 to 45 amps output which is about 10 amps more output than the earlier Delco 12 volt generator used on the 56 to 61 Studebaker V8's. I'm still using the original generator on my Hawk as it has no problem keeping the battery charged. Bud


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              I always liked the generator set ups vs. my early Prestolite alternators.....Seems I had that or regulator issues all the time... I still have 3-4 (some NORS) alt. regulators cheap for spares. They carry light and with the old wiring issues, come in handy on a ride. Just to mention.... if you go with an alternator, with few exceptions, you need to change or shift the mounting bracket for alignment to the crank and water pump. Don't know a better way to ruin pump bearings than an mis-aligned alternator.... off a little really makes a difference.


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                That is the exact no on the gen in the picture.
                Hawk owner.


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                  I've owned my 62 Hawk since 1975 and as far as I know it still has its original generator. I've replaced the brushes a couple of times and replaced the regulator twice in all of that time. In the 12 years I've owned my 63 Avanti, I've had to go inside of the alternator twice and it's on its third regulator. Bud


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                    Agree with Bud. I've never had to replace a generator or regulator when they were original parts. I don't even remember replacing any brushes in the generator. When I bought my pion 3 years ago I did replace the poor quality new regulator the seller installed. I restored an original Autolite regulator that I bought off ebay.


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                      This was Posted by 64V-K7...
                      "I bought a single wire 6 volt,positive ground, alternator for my 55. To mount it, I removed the U-shaped bracket on the manifold, flipped it around, drilled the hole larger for the 3/8" alternator mount bolt. Installed the alternator, used washers to align the pulleys and used the same, old belt and adjustment arm.
                      Remove the old voltage regulator, isolate and tape up the field and armature leads, then connect the alternator, BAT terminal to the "B" wire that connected to your voltage regulator and you're "good to go" ....
                      you're ammeter might need to be upgraded, depending on that amperage the alternator puts out"
                      This also works for 12V negative (-) ground...wire it the same. FWIW, I bought a 10SI alternator and this anti-feed back set