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Electrical diagram for 61 Lark

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  • Electrical: Electrical diagram for 61 Lark

    New member. I recently purchased a 61 Lark VI Regal. I am working on restoration and need an electrical diagram. Anyone have one or know where to source one?

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    Sure, Patrick; just buy one of the reproduction Shop Manuals for your car available from Studebaker International. They contain the wiring diagrams.

    Welcome aboard; that looks like a cute Lark. BP
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      The shop manual is one of the most important 'tools' you could ever buy. For now though, here is a free diagram courtesy of StudebakerParts.Com
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        I got it this past weekend. I have already disassembled to get the body prepped for paint. Hate the baby blue color. Was thinking about a midnight blue.


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          Try 917-861-9131 They have large laminated diagrams, that are in color and MUCH easier to read than the tiny detail in the shop manual. I have one. IT MATCHES THE ONE IN THE MANUAL, IT'S JUST EASIER TO READ.