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R1 starter vs. standard starter

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  • R1 starter vs. standard starter

    This is information that I found on Bob Johnstones website.

    the MDU is a four field starter
    used on the R series motors. The MDY is a two field starter used on most
    all other V-8s

    automatic - manual
    MDU 7026, MDU 7025

    In researching this topic I have found that the MDY is actually the R series starter and the MDU is the common starter. Hasa anyone else found this information?

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    You are correct. MDU was orginally used on all V8s. It's a three-pole design actually. A May '63 Service Letter states that 'current production Avanti and Jet-Thrust models are equipped with the four-pole MDY starter.'

    Dwain G.


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      I just found this thread. Thanks for bringing this up. I think you should have emailed me though instead of just letting it slide by....

      I get a lot of the information posted on my site from outside sources.
      The data, found on my site, regarding the MDU/MDY starters came from this source...

      I did some research also and find the 1965 Motors Manual shows MDU starters are for 63-64 V8's but doesn't mention R-series

      In looking up some old Prestolite applications, the MDY starters are used on larger displacement GM V8's (350-454), but no mention of Studebaker Avanti or the like. The larger CI application would make the argument for a 4 pole starter.

      The Stude parts manual shows #1560946/947 as the R series starter but doesn't depict the Prestolite designation. SASCO shows 1560946R as the standard starter from 55-64 ( maybe that's all they have now)

      There has to be someone who knows..
      My information will be offlined until it's cleared up

      Bob Johnstone
      64 GT Hawk (K7)
      1970 Avanti (R3)