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How do you fasten cat whiskers?

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  • How do you fasten cat whiskers?

    I'm replacing the cat whiskers (aka fuzzy felt that the window rolls between) on Stella. I've attached the ones to the door with the clips... No problem.

    However, the ones that go on the window trim piece were originally stapled on. Well, I've tried, with no luck, pushing a staple through the holes in the back of the trim piece (that the staples were originally in). I've also tried drilling a tiny hole and using some #2 screws, but wood screws are all I can find and the first one I tried had its head come off. Any other suggestions?

    I thought 3M adhesive, but there's a dip in the trim piece when it gets close to the vent window that probably wouldn't hold it on over time/heat.

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    Trim adhesive won't hold it even if there weren't a "dip". I carefully peened the bead on mine to conform to the "dip", drilled 1/8th holes and riveted from the inside of the door shell, filed the rivets so they wouldn't contact the glass and touched the rivets with flat black paint. That was 12 years ago and I had to go look to remember what I did and had a hard time finding the rivets.

    Others may have better methods but mine has served me well.

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      I used mechanics wire on my 48 Champion. You have to make sure you get it tight so it won't touch-scatch the glass.



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        Years ago I used small pop rivets on my 52 Starlight and they worked great. Studebaker would have probably used something like that if they had been available.

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