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Power Brake Booster and Vacuum Tank

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  • Brakes: Power Brake Booster and Vacuum Tank

    I have a bet with a buddy who recently acquired a '61 Lark with power brakes. He says that my '64's should have a vacuum tank as per the chassis book. I told him that after '62 the MasterVac just had a vacuum line to the manifold to energize the power brake. His booster is screwed together as opposed to the MasterVacs which are crimped together. I have both power NON disc as well as power DISC and both systems have the vacuum line to the manifold W/O a Vacuum Tank. He cited the '59-'64 parts book that shows a vacuum tank on '61-'64 LHC All Models. I know of '64 Challengers that still had a single master cyl. but a vacuum tank?????? By the way he's looking for a vacuum tank from a '61 Lark ( mounted in upper left fender well and covered by a splash guard. Your thoughts??
    Rob in PA.

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    1961 and early 1962 Larks used an atmosphere suspended type booster unit which did require a vacuum reserve tank.
    A vacuum suspended type booster was used after 62S-16410 and 62V-11992.
    Check with Studebaker International for the 1552717 Tank. I have personally bought them there before, but it has been a while.


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      Should we mention that you won the bet?


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        The Picture Number 1113-1 is 1552717 shows the Vac. Tank was only used on '61 and '62 S & V Larks with Power Brakes, and the diagram only shows that system used with either a Anti-Creep Valve (for Automatics) or a Hill Holder (No-Roll Valve for Manual Trans.)

        The Vacuum Tank was only used with a TYPE "B" Power Brake Booster.

        NO Picture of the Hose and Line routing with a Vac. Tank, Power Brakes, but No Automatic Hill Holding device!

        There is NO listing for this Vacuum Tank in the body Book where the Accessories are listed.

        NONE of this actually PROVES whether the Vacuum Tank was Standard with Power Drum Brakes on '61 and '62 Larks or Optional!

        Many things are shown in the Pictures of the Parts Catalogs without saying that they were Standard or Optional, like the Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank Optional Accessory was.

        There are SO few of these Larks WITH Power Brakes, that I know of only one, it happens to be in our Whatcom County Chapter, a '62 Lark Regal, 4 Door, Six, Automatic with Power Steering, and Power Brakes, AND the Tank in the Left Front Wheelwell, a VERY rare ordered Car indeed.
        So I have no idea if ALL '61 & '62 P/B Larks had it.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          Quoting Service Bulletin No. 365, dated February 1962 "The 1961 Lark and earlier produced 1962 Lark models used an atmospheric suspended type booster unit. A vacuum reserve tank was used in conjunction with the atmospheric suspended type booster (early type) whereas the presently used vacuum suspended type booster unit does not incorporate the use of a reserve tank."