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Flight-O-Matic no downshift

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Flight-O-Matic no downshift

    I have no downshift in either 2nd or 3rd gear on a 57 supercharged 289. Checking the manual it says the throttle linkage is misadjusted, check and correct. Do I need to start at the carb and work down to the tranny linkage?

    Following the procedure the gap on the bellcrank pads should be 17/64" adjusted with a screw in the bellcrank. Where that screw should be located I have a switch with a plunger that can be adjusted. The idle screw is located outside of the airbox so it's a later model with the outside linkage.

    Is this the plunger associated with the dash pot/throttle return check? I don't see any reference to it being located in this spot nor do I see the dashpot. The manual states you need to remove the airbox to make this adj. but it looks the switch has been relocated outside for easier access. Where does the wire run to?

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    • Any tips on making the adjustment would be welcome. Is there anything else I need to look into for the downshifts?

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    I believe the paddle switch and the carb lever switches on 57' engines were to momentarily interrupt the ignition,so the OD could be easily disengaged (via the firewall relay) and the carb lever, to open the supercharger solenoid to go to high blower. The automatic transmission downshift is handled by the adjustable throttle rod at the bottom of the belcrank to the transmission TV pressure lever near where the shift rod attaches to the shifter quadrant
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