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Avanti weight at each wheel

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  • Frame / Springs: Avanti weight at each wheel

    Does anyone have an Avanti's weight at each wheel? I thought I read somewhere that the Avanti engine is shifted to the passenger side to compensate for the weight of the driver and steering mechanism ... if that is true, is the driveshaft also off center? I'm asking because I'm switching spring/shocks and wonder if new ones should be adjusted side to side for weight bias. Thanks.

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    Move the battery to the right rear and it makes a noticeable improvement.

    Jack Vine


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      You have a real involved question there. I am playing with my Avanti and can move the weight around quite a bit and wheel weights will change considerably. For drag racing I like 90 lbs. more over the right rear to keep the car straight coming off the line. The way they come from the factory you have the battery, driver and gas tank influencing the left. To compensate they put the front of the left rear spring in the lower hole and the right in the upper. If you need to manipulate the weight much you need a set of scales. Every car is different. The weights on my car will not be the same as yours.