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Where to mount stock underdash unit

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  • Interior: Where to mount stock underdash unit

    I picked up a stock underdash unit for my '62 Lark recently and also found the stock mounting bracket at SI. Now I need to figure out the proper placement of the AC unit at the middle of the dash. There are no holes that correspond to the bracket on the underside of the dash so do I drill and mount toward the curve toward the front edge of bottom of the dash or do I drill and mount more toward the back lip of the dash? This is not a job that will take long, three 1/4" holes, but I want to get them in the right location.


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    I Have a kit to install and they say to have the back end down so the considate will drain out.


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      Agree with Hawkowner. When I put the factory unit in my 64 Cruiser the font is mounted high against the bottom of the dash and the squirrel cages for the blow was down on the hump. Since the glove box door drops down on the 64 I had to watch out for clearance there as well as on the steering wheel side for clearance. Doable but just have to be careful.



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        You might want to have a copy of the installation instructions on hand before you start. Available here:
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          Make sure you place it so that you can easily fit your whole hand over and turn the P-brake handle...