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NOS gage tank unit (sealing float) & Stude rims on Jeep CJ's ??

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  • Fuel System: NOS gage tank unit (sealing float) & Stude rims on Jeep CJ's ??

    I have a NOS gas tank sending unit. Is there a way to seal the old cork float for today's fuels ? I have 6 fairly new tires (2 snows) on Stude Lark rims. Will these rims fit on a late model Jeep CJ ??

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    I have heard of people coating the float with POR-15 to seal it, but have not tried that myself. I have replaced the cork float with a late model car float and this worked well and was easy. I used a float from a '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee pump assembly but many late model floats are very similar. Go to a repair garage and they should have plenty in-tank fuel pump assemblies that were removed because the pumps failed. Most likely they will give you a couple of floats for free.
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      I'm not sure about your reference to late model CJ's as, I believe the last year was 86 and they had a 5.5" on 5 with big center hubs.

      Later Jeeps did have 4.5" on 5 but I don't know about the center hole size. You might bolt the Lark issue on but the offset and width could be far off.

      You might Google "Jeep replacement wheels" and see if any of the 4.5" on 5 come close to the Lark wheels.



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        I painted one with gas tank sealer. That seemed to work just fine.


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          $ wheel drive vehicles will have a different offset than rear wheel drive vehicles.


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            I sealed mine up with the black RTV. Seems to work fine.