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    My experience on new or rebuilt is that either is a 50/50 proposition, whether hydovac or standard vacuum boosters. I have found rebuilders to be more apt to replace or repair their workmanship, providers of new units tend to blame something else and only reluctantly replace the unit, and sometimes the replacement is just as bad as the original!!


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      Be aware that some neatsfoot oil is a concoction of chemicals with a little neatsfoot.
      Look for 100 percent neatsfoot.
      South Lompoc Studebaker


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        Leather tack shop will have the neesfoot oil that you need. I use Reever Ranch in Auburn, but I'm sure that you can find something between Fall City and Monroe.


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          Guys.. He says it's a new booster, not a rebuild. Studebaker International has been selling the NEW ones for a few years now.
          The new ones don't have the old style leather diaphragm, and don't require neatsfoot oil. Do not put any oil inside of it!!

          It's a new part that isn't operating correctly. The vendor should replace it for you.

          For what it's worth, this is the first time I've read/heard about anyone having a bad experience with the reproduction Hydrovacs. Every other report has been positive.

          Another option.. Remove the booster entirely and swap the brake pedal out with a non-boost pedal. The angles/length/ratios were different between the two. You wouldn't be the first person to convert to non-boosted brakes.
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            If in the future you decide to use dual master cylinder the booster system design will not allow both front and rear brakes to have boost