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clutch pedal bangs against floor board

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: clutch pedal bangs against floor board

    Info wanted ! I have a 48 Champ regal deluxe. Everything works okay. question is about
    clutch pedal banging against floor when shifting gears. Can find no cushion or stop in either part
    book, or reference in the shop manual. If clutch free play is the answer, doesn't that mean hill holder adjustment will change ? If there a adjustment or pad missing will appreciate some direction of where to look.
    Thank you OLDIBMCE

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    Some have a return/assist spring that works over center it assists when depressing and holds it firm when releasing.


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      There were Foam Pads on Both Pedal Shafts, 519635.
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        As StudeRich notes, there were bumper pads on the brake and clutch shafts.

        My experience has been that the currently available repro pads are fine for a trailer queen, but don't last if you drive the car a lot. I've started using thick conveyor belt cut to match the original pad sizes.
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          I'm not familure with the repro pads, but I have seen pads on the cars in the junk yard which still look good.
          I bought a large round pad, which was used on a floor polisher, from a surplus store. This would seem like the right thickness and stiffness for a pedal pad.
          I went back to the surplus store to buy a couple more, but they were sold out.
          I would think a round pad cut from the side of an old bias tire might also work OK.


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            The pads should be foam rubber. Tire rubber would be too hard. They are padding but also wind/water seals. Replacing mine made a difference on the amount of wind swirling though the car in the winter. I replaced mine about 4 years ago and they are still fine.