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  • Ignition: Need rotor button

    I need a rotor button for my 1941 Champion. I ordered one from Studebaker International, but it wouldn't fit. I took the rotor button to the IM in Rhode Island this year, but nobody had one or knew anything about it. I finally got the information from the label on the distributor. I called Autolite, but the person I talked to said they had no information on anything over twenty-five years old. It is an Autolite distributor, and written on the plate is IAT 4010 10G. I'm not sure about the last part of the number. It could be IOG. Can anybody help me with this? I left a message at Dave Thibeault's no. but haven't heard back.

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    Not sure if these are correct-your terminology may be the problem finding them


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      Sam, looks like you have a later model distributor in your '41. An old Motors manual I have calls for an Autolite 1GW-4154 for the '41 - '42 Champion. The 1AT-4010 is listed for the '52 - '53 Champion (and maybe later since this Motors manual only goes thru 1953). I looked in a '53 Studebaker shop manual and it also lists the 1AT-4010. My Standard Motor Parts distributor cross reference calls for a AL-151 rotor for the 1AT-4010 distributor.

      Hope this helps you out.
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        Thanks, karterfred88 andr1lark. I think I have the info that I need.