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  • Electrical: Radio Replacement

    I have a '61 Lark that someone installed an after market am/fm/cassette unit in the dash. It doesn't work very good at all so I took it out and want to replace it with an am pushbutton radio
    that I think is from a '62 Hawk. The dash has large rectangular hole that doesn't have round holes for the on/off/vol control and tuning shaft to stick through the dash for mounting like I am used to seeing on most 50's and 60's cars. The dash hasn't been butchered so I have two questions. Will a '62 radio from a Hawk fit in a '61 Lark? Secondly am I missing any hardware specific to a '61 Lark like a filler plate of some sort. I have the trapezoid shaped trim plate.

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    I have a radio from a 63 Lark if you can use it.


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      Your Hawk Radio will work in your '61 Lark if you can find a 10 Ohm Speaker to go with it, but you need the Radio Install/Faceplate Panel 1551990.

      The '59-'61 Larks had the taller Push Buttons that fit the '61 P/B model Faceplate, so if using a Fully Transisterized '63-'66 Radio there will be a little open space in the rectangular opening, it also has the round holes for the Tuning shafts.
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