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    Hi . This is not Stude specific but I need some recommendations to solve a cooling problem with my 95 year old father's Buick . He mixed the green anti-freeze with the orange stuff and now has a goo in the cooling system . Talking to the parts store guys , they don't think a regular cooling system flush will work . I need some ideas on how to clean this stuff out . The car is over heating . I see a lot of wisdom on this site so I know someone knows what to do .

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    I would think something like Cascade or Simple Green run in the cooling system and heated up would clean it out quite well. I cleaned a lot of rust and junk from my 1928 Model A by running Cascade for a couple days, flushing it out, then filling with pure white vinegar for 30 days. Be aware that the vinegar also removed the grease from my lead packing rings so the water pump leaked a lot of rusty vinegar all over the engine and under side of the hood. It made a mess, but with WD-40 and a scrub brush I got it cleaned up and repacked the lead rings in the water pump, then used 50% antifreeze again. I cleaned out enough junk that my top tank no longer fills up and spills out the overflow pipe.

    The rust flakes were blocking off some tops of the radiator tubes.


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      Sounds like a winner . I'll try it . Right now anything is better than what is going on in that engine . At 95 , Dad does all kind of things to keep us on our toes .


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        Cascade liquid dishwasher detergent is often used to clean cooling systems. It contains Dawn grease cutter and can be run in the cooling system without making suds. Buy a big jug and pour it all in, finish filling with water. Should be run for at least a couple hours, can be run a couple days even, but not on a long highway trip. Drain and flush with water. Don't use anything that makes suds!


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          I would pull the engine remove all the expansion plugs and with a reasonable pressure garden hose flush the block out, but don't do it on a clean concrete driveway. And after everything is dry blow it out with compressed air. I did this with my engine and it was the messyest job I have done, but the engine runs at normal temps and never overheats.


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            Update on the Buick cooling system . Used the Cascade trick first because the wife had it in the kitchen . Put a good amount in and ran it up to temp for about 20 minutes and then flushed . Did this twice . Cleaned her right up .
            Thanks to everyone who commented on this problem . I knew I could get good help here .


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              It also works good for cleaning steel thermos bottles.


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                Go here and read up on silicate dropout, and how to clean it out and clean it up.

                HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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