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63 GT Hawk Heater hoses

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  • Cool/Heat: 63 GT Hawk Heater hoses

    I'm replacing all the hoses on my Hawk. After getting all the new hoses and then looking at how the hoses were on my car and how they're shown in the parts book (page 6, Plate AC-4) I'm wondering how accurate is the parts book drawing? It shows the the hose that comes off of the straight part of the control valve connecting to the bottom heater core. This can't be right can it? Also, the molded hose I got from Studebaker International seems too long. I have the new hose coming off the control going straight down and under the large air hose and I have enough hose to go all the way down to the frame before coming up to the heater core. But the drawing shows it going basically horizontal to the heater core. How do all of you have your hoses routed? Thanks all!!!

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    I do believe we did go through this before on the inner fender mounted GT Hawk Heater cores and found that original examples actually DID go to the Lower Fitting like the Parts Catalog.

    It was said that the water does not depend on gravity to flow, it is under pressure.

    Just be sure that the Upper Water Manifold Hose goes to the Control Valve.
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