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    Just received word last night that Hal Watson from Clinton Twp., Michigan, past away Saturday night, April 11th. Hal wasn't in good health for the past few years but always tried to make the South Bend meet and always looked us up for a nice long chat. He also attended and enjoyed a few of the PSMCDR races in Stanton.

    Real nice fellow and will be missed.

    Ted & Mary Ann

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    Bummer, Ted. You're right; he was in seemingly-poor health, but always enjoyed himself observing and kibitzing at The Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race.

    RIP, Hal; 'glad you attend and enjoy the fun. BP
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      Does anyone have any additional information on Hal? I can not find anything online and would like some information for this years SDC Remembrance Project at the St. Louis International!? was he a member of any chapter? How old was he? Anyone have a picture, or some online information I haven't found, yet? Please contact me directly at Thanks.


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        In Memory of Hal Watson

        As you can see from the attached PDF, I have very little information for Hal. I have no picture, no Birthday, nor do I know how old he was? If you can help with this missing information, my email is listed below. Thanks.
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