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W. William Tilden - February 8th 1935-October 18th 2013

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  • W. William Tilden - February 8th 1935-October 18th 2013

    I just received my Fall/Winter copy of Avanti Magazine and sadly learned of the passing of Bill Tilden on October 18th 2013 through a memorial tribute written by Helen Hutchings. Bill was a long time member of SDC and AOAI and I was honored to count him as a friend. His travels for Mitsubishi Motors took him to many faraway places including Canada. When in our area, Bill made a point of visiting the Chapmans and I was pleased to have been able to show him around the Studebaker Hamilton facility. Bill also was the National Dealer Development Manager for the New Avanti Motor Corporation in the 80s. He was a great supporter of anything Studebaker, including the Studebaker National Museum.

    Stu Chapman

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    Thanks for posting this sad information, Stu. I used to be quite close with Bill, but as sometimes happens, we had drifted apart. I still considered him to be a friend.
    One thing that comes to mind is my checking out a '53-'54 Starliner for him at about Midnight in Nashville. I drove it up to the gates for The Grand Old Oprey and made a U-turn. Bill bought the car. I have spent time with Bill many other times before and after that, but that mental image just popped into my mind.
    The last that I knew, Bill had a large collector car collection.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      Sorry to learn of Bill's passing. A fine man. He stopped in Mokena on 3-4 occasions while passing through on business. Spent a lot of time reading over my Studebaker News dealer newspapers, he loved them! I also recall Bill and I sharing accommodations at one of the South Bend Intl meets, the one that had the baton twirlers convention the same week! We had to stay over in Elkhart. I recall talking to Bill extensively about how your possessions can become burdens. I wonder how many of his once extensive fleet he had at his passing? A very knowledgeable guy about the car industry in general and Kaiser-Frazer, American Motors and of course Studebakers. He will definitely be missed. Photo below from the SDC intl meet in South Bend 2012. Bob Schmidt on left.

      Click image for larger version

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      Richard Quinn
      Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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        Sad news indeed. Bill and I met, and became friends during both of our tenures with The New Avanti Motor Corp in 1987. Bill, thru the Kaiser Frazer Club, had been a friend of my late Brother for many years prior to that. We hit it off instantly with our mutual interest in the Studebaker marque. We colaborated on a few Studebaker projects, I visited him and his large vehicle collection in Ga. and he would always stop by when he was in the area. It was not uncommon for a late night call from Bill looking to do dinner, and for a place to crash for the night. I last saw him at the 2012 National. RIP my friend, you were one of the Good Guys. Our heartfelt sympathy to his Family.
        I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".


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          A shock indeed to learn of Bill's passing. A great guy who became a friend as we kept running in to each other at various SDC International Meets. Beside our common interest in Studebakers we both had a background in the Auto Industry, me with Mazda Corporation, which we shared over a beer at the respective Meet Headquarters.

          \"QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER\"