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    Originally posted by JohnHenne View Post
    I still have the hat Bill gave to all members of way back in the 90's. Each one was personalized with our name. He used to set up his press and sell shirts at the swap meet in York and also at some Zone Meets. Ellen was at the 2013 Northeast Zone Meet just a few weeks ago.

    My wife and I had dinner with Bill, Ellen and their daughter Robin once (the "All girl pit crew.") Great people.

    God bless you Bondo.

    John Henne
    Shelburne, NH
    I still have my hat too.
    When we (Potomac Chapter) were planning out 2003 Route 66 Trip I contacted Billy about making us matching t-shirts. He came us with a fine design, we ordered them, got them in fine shape, but there was no invoice. I called him and his response was that they were his contribution to our trip- no charge.
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      very sorry to hear of his passing, we last spoke after the hurricane last year when we were getting jackets made-very nice man


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        I was just catching up on a Turning Wheels and saw that Bondo Billy had passed. I am late to find out and sad to hear it. Ellen,it was my pleasure to have met you and Bill a few years ago when you set up for the South Bend International meet. My wife still has the Studebaker shirt you guys gave her. Please know you are in out thoughts. Rich in South Bend.


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          I returned home late Saturday (8/1/20) with what was Billy's 47 Commander convertible. Today I had to look around and see if I could find anything about "Bondo Billy" and ran across this thread started by Jim Turner now about 7 years ago. Jim had the car in his storage unit and we loaded it up Saturday morning along with a pickup load of parts. I am fortunate to get this project as it will meld in well with my brother's bullet nosed 50. I had a 'Christmas morning" Sunday unloading all the boxes and looking inside. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know one of his last projects lives on. Maybe not what he envisioned, but it will be a great car when done. I had a thought on the long drive home about naming the car. My brother's name is Gene and his health is failing. I'm thinking the car will be named "Billy Gene". Many of you may not know, but there was an immensely popular song years ago, "Bille Jean" by Michael Jackson. Thought that may bring a smile to some of your faces!


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            I was both glad and sad to see this thread revived. I thought the world of Bondo, and will remember him always. But it made me sad to think about the bygone days of York and Reedsville and the great times spending a couple days immersed in the Studebaker world with great Stude folks, like Bondo. Also a little sad to see some friends that posted here but haven’t heard from in some time.

            Sadly, time marches on.
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