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RIP: Art Unger

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  • RIP: Art Unger

    'Just received notice from Evan Severson, President of Sask Chapter SDC, that Art Unger yesterday succumbed to his bout with Pancreatic Cancer (Monday, April 8, 2013).

    Art, right, and Brian Curtis earlier this year, with Art receiving a Special Award from the SDC Board of Directors for his contributions to The Studebaker Drivers Club service through Turning Wheels:

    Happy Trails, Art; you left some huge shoes to fill and over 100 issues of Turning Wheels to testify to your contribution to The Studebaker Hobby. Thanks so much. BP
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    I am TOTALLY at a loss for words right now...
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      Oh NO, that must have been a little sooner than some of us expected, SO sorry to hear that.
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        Ruined my day. RIP fellow Stude nut.
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          Rest in Peace will be missed soon but maybe best .....sad day indeed.

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            He became like a familiar friend through his TW contributions. Thousands of us never met him, but considered him part of our personal community. He will be greatly missed.
            Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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              Very sorry to hear this, although many here on the Forum knew it was inevitable. To date, pancreatic cancer has no cure due to the fact it never is detected until it is well into its advanced stages. Art meant a lot more to us here in the Pacific Northwest area as he was so active in this zone long before he took on editorship of Turning Wheels. Many will remember him when he was Editor of 'Tempo', the BC Interior Chapter newsletter. As well, Art orgarnized and supported many a zone meet over the past 40 years, and hardly ever missed one. Indeed, SDC won't be the same without Art!!



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                So very saddened to hear the news. Art's presence will be sorely missed.
                Dave Nevin
                Corvallis, OR
                1953 Champion Deluxe Coupe
                Stud-e-venture blog


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                  Oh my! I never met him but feel a great loss through his writings & humor. Deepest sympathy to his family from Joy & myself.
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                    Wow I was just trying upload the same pictures that I received. Thanks Bob mine got hung up in cyberspace again. Really sad news.
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                      My condolences to the family and close friends. Studebakers and SDC have definitely lost a "Best Friend".
                      Mark Hayden
                      '66 Commander
                      Zone Coordinator
                      Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                        Nothing more that I can say that hasn't already been said. Sad news.
                        Art will be missed and remembered.
                        R.I.P. Art...
                        George King
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                          What a good friend. What a loss.
                          Skip Lackie


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                            We lost another "good guy" (and they are getting few and far between). One way to look at it is he is up there driving that Stude where and when he wants, never having to worry about gas prices, and nary a cop around to issue a speeding ticket. Of course he may be at a typewriter (remember them?) penning a new column for TURNING WHEELS. Rest in peace, Art, we miss you!


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                              I'm sorry I never got a chance to meet him. As a former journalist, I certainly appreciate his work with TW, I know it's not easy...but real pros make it look that way.
                              Condolences to friends and family.
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