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Glenn Fetter of Tulsa

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  • Glenn Fetter of Tulsa

    Glenn Fetter, Of Tulsa Oklahoma, passed quietly on 10/19.
    Glenn was the kind of person that was always ready to lend a helping hand. Glenn helped keep alive the "Studebaker Fraternity".

    Glenn also was a founding member of the North East Oklahoma SDC.
    Glenn was the motor force behind the annual spring Studebaker meet in Tulsa each Spring.

    Glenn also serve on the SDC board for years.

    Glenn is survived by his wife Betty, and two children.

    We will mis him.

    jim Krise

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    I bought a '55 green & white wagon from Glenn.

    My Dad and I drove out to Tulsa from south central Illinois after
    Thanksgiving. When I first layed eyes on it I knew it was well worth the money.

    Glenn and a friend of his was working on it when we arrived.
    Glenn wasn't satisfied that the overdrive was working properly
    so he lowered the price even though I didn't ask him to.
    The overdrive worked fine on the trip home, so I guess they had it

    However, the generator went out just before we got to Joplin.
    We stayed all night in Joplin and the car started the next morning.
    We stopped and got gas and stopped once at a rest area and each time the car still started. When we got home, I stopped at the bank and when I came out it would not start!

    I eventually put an 8-volt battery in the car with an 8-volt alternator.

    Everywhere I went in that car people always wanted to look at it and talk about it.

    It served as our main car for awhile. This was probably about 1992.