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    I am sorry to report that my Dad, Jim Sucy, passed away this past January, He was the proud owner of the 1950 Champion Starlight Coupe in the July photo of Studebaker magazine. We were very grateful that Dad got to enjoy his car for a time before he passed. It certainy kept him sane during my mother's illness. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep his car, and so far have not been successful in selling it. If anyone can give me any helpful tips, they would be greatly appreciated.

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    Please accept my condolenses at the passing of your Dad. Probably the best first move in selling the Champion Starlite is to contact any active member of the local SDC Chapter your Dad belonged to. There may very well be a buyer within the local ranks. An ad placed in the local SDC newsletter will let local members know the car is available and at the same time you can advertise it in your local newspaper. If your Dad was not active in a local chapter the next best thing would be to place an ad for the car in the Studebaker Driver's Club "Turning Wheels" magazine. You can access the magazine through this website. You can also place it for sale via eBay. You can do this yourself or via a Trading Assistant in your area. Most of us have "been there"--the sad selling off of our parent's possessions and it isn't easy. Hope these suggestions help and you can find a really good home for your Dad's beloved Studebaker.

    --1963 Cruiser


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      Thanks Studedude. I have placed all those ads with no luck so far. Someone suggested a broker(?) who sells on the internet. Do you know of any reputable dealers?