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A great uncle that worked at Studebaker

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  • A great uncle that worked at Studebaker

    My name is Hal Hossler. My maternal grandfather, Alfred Kyler had a brother AD, Asher Daniel Kyler.
    My great uncle, AD, was a painter in the auto plant. One of his painting skills was putting stripes on cars. He stiped a 1932 studebaker car for incumbent president Herbert Hoover during the 1932 election. Alfred and AD's other brother was Garth Kyler. His daughter Phillis Kyler Frickie recently died in July at age 95. Her daughter is the pride of South Whitley, Indiana: COUNTRY MUSIC singer Janie Frickie.

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    Welcome the SDC Forum!!!
    Sorry, I am unable to help in your search for family ties at Studebaker. My Father, Mother, Grand-father and Great-Grandfather all worked at Studebakers at one time or another, but they have all since passed.

    Perhaps if you posted again using the "General Discussion Forum" instead there would be more responses.