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    From Greater Seattle Chapter Editor, Odd Justad:

    Just found out that Ingvar Vik passed away yesterday (Friday).
    Not sure how many of you knew Ingvar, but he was one of the founding members of our local Seattle chapter. Also you all have noticed that he was one of the Co-Operator advisors in TW. He was 91 years old. Believe he grew up in Bozeman, where he had his first son, (Torben) in 1957 and daughter in 1958 (Ingrid).

    Pretty sure that Ingvar’s parents came from Lofoten in Norway. (An interesting co-incident is that his first names are the same as my father’s, Ingvar Johan.)
    In 1960 Ingvar and his family moved to Edmonds and in 1969 to Issaquah. Later on he moved to Livingston and established Vik’s Machine Shop in 1994, where his son later joined him in 1988.
    Personally I got to know him through his son when he was working at Pacific Auto Machine shop in Renton and introduced me to the Studebaker club.

    The funeral service for Ingvar Vik will be on Friday, November 4th at 11:00 at the Livingston Bible Church, 329 N 5th St in Livingston, Montana

    About donation in lieu of flowers.
    Any donations can be sent to the address below. And we should probably discuss and vote on a club donation.

    Address for donations:

    Livingston Shrine Club
    Attention: Ingvar Vik Trust
    P.O. Box 905
    Livingston, MT 95074

    Benefits Shriner Hospital, Transportation and Lodging Fund.

    This provides transportation and lodging for parents of children in their care.

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    Very sorry to hear that Tom, all of us in the Northwest Chapters knew Ingvar and bought many of his Hand/Machine crafted Studebaker Parts, like the improved Timing Cover Seals, Billet Machined Aluminum Ignition Switch Bezels etc. that All Studebaker Vendors have been buying and selling for Years.

    Ingvar was really a Northwest Icon.
    While typing this I ironically got a Phone call from a Local to the Seattle area SDC Member friend who called to tell me the bad News at 6:02 PM Tonight. He has known Ingvar since he was 10 years old and will be going to Livingston Montana for the Services.
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      When I rebuilt the engine in my Avanti back in 1995 I utilized his custom timing front cover, it still is bone dry after 50K miles


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        Sad news indeed. I met Ingvar many times. Most recently, a few years back, at his winter place in Yuma, AZ. RIP, sir.
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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          Well heck! RIP Ingvar.


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            Very sorry to hear this. I first met him in 1982 in Seattle at the International Meet with is freshly restored '47 Commander convertible.



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              What a fine gentleman and dependable Co-Operator Advisor; he and his contributions will be so missed.

              RIP, Ingvar; and thank you from all of SDC for your valuable contributions to our "Truck Department" all these years. BP
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                My interaction with Ingvar was circa 1971.
                I was living in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the time and somehow he found out I was building a heavily modified R4 clone for my '63 GT Hawk.
                Ingvar suggested I ship all the induction pieces to him in Issaquah Washington so I could drive down and install everything at his house. This would save all the hassle dealing with customs etc. So my best friend and I Installed a throw away two barrel carb and intake on his '63 Wagonaire 259 CID and proceeded to drive to Ingvar's house. He had received the carbs, intake, air cleaner and linkage from STU V products so it was simply a matter of swapping the parts and driving home. Once we returned to Vancouver, that 259 was sure happy to have 1250 cfm of carburetion removed from it's mostly stock configuration.
                I am at a loss as to how we choreographed all this long before the internet was even thought of but thanks to Ingvar, it all worked out.
                RIP Ingvar.


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                  Two things I remember most about Ingvar. He completely disassembled the cab of his pickup and rebuilt it. At meets he loved to show the door fitment by closing the door every so slowly so you could hear the double cli....ick as it closed.
                  Once at a Tacoma Chapter board meeting I asked what he considered an acceptable among of run-out when dialing in a new bell housing. I quickly realized that was a dumb question to ask a master machinist. His matter-of-fact answer was
                  "zero"!!! RIP Ingvar, I love you!
                  D 'N Q RACE ENGINES


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                    Ingvar was truly one of a kind! For over 50 years it was an honor and pleasure to call him a friend.
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                      Here's a more informational obit for Ingvar:



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                        Ingvar was my Stude mentor when I was a broke UW student in the early 80s, trying to keep my 59 truck running as a sorta-daily. I learned to bring beer when i needed his help. He often admonished me to never sell a part that fits a car you currently own... one time i couldn't talk him out of a c cab windshield when I knew he had five of them. But he did point me towards one! RIP Ingvar.


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                          A moment with Ingvar Vik.

                          Ingvar would attend the Dakotas Chapter SDC annual Labor Day weekend event. His last visit was in 2019 driving his beloved 1947 Commander convertible from Livingston, MT to Custer, SD.

                          Here is a video link during the 2019 event where Ingvar is reminiscing about his vehicle.


                          May Ingvar’s memory be eternal.