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Another leading SDC individual has Passed.- Walt Bottjer

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  • Another leading SDC individual has Passed.- Walt Bottjer

    I have just received some very sad news. A man who held many titles in both AOAI & SDC Walter 'Walt ' Bottjer passed away Tuesday April 14, 2020. I don’t have any details, yet but his health had been declining for a while.
    Among the many titles he held, was as the longest running former Atlantic Zone Coordinator in SDC and he was also a former AOAI President. 😞
    He was a Studebaker performance guy when there were very few.
    Great guy. RIP.
    Everyone always enjoyed his great NJ humor, while vending at swap meets in York, South Bend, and many, many other gatherings over the years.
    Prayers for Dot and his family.

    Please email me your thoughts and any experiences you have of Walt for the Tribute I am preparing for the SDC Remembrance Project.
    I could also use a good picture of Walt, if you have one.
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    I am sorry to read this. I have many fond memories of Walt and Dot. They used to drive up to our Hudson Valley Chapter Meets regularly. Walt rebuilt and polished a supercharger for my Golden Hawk. Of course, other than locally, we ran into each other all over the place, I believe that a meet in Pennsylvania was the last time. Walt was the SDC Atlantic Zone Coordinator from 1974 to 2004.
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    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      Talked to Walt many times at the York Swap meet when we first started attending. Really good guy. He will be missed.
      Winston-Salem, NC
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        Walt gave me a lot of over the phone advice when I was just starting out. Good Man.


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          Walt Bottjer. What can I say. It is 1970, I have a 1958 Silver Hawk, but no license. At a NJ meet with Marv Silverstein I meet Walt and his wonderful wife Dorothy for the first time. Sense of humor? in spades. Knowledgeable about Studebakers, you betcha. Smile and laugh, always. 1 st order of business at any swap meet make a beeline to his table, just to say hello and catch up on all the doin's. He was always plugged in. A giant that stood maybe 5'6" tall.


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            Sad news. I worked with Walt on SDC business for many years, and found him to be an absolute delight. Two things come to mind right away: (1) His ready smile, and (2) The hideous wide ties he used to send me for Christmas. He HAD to have had them custom-made -- no one would wear a tie like that except as a joke. RIP Walter.
            Skip Lackie


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              We lost another "Good Guy".
              R.I.P. Dear Friend.
              J & J Sinclair
              I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".


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                When I bought my '63 Avanti in 1971 and being a NJ resident, I immediately became friends with Walt. As a guy in my twenties with an Avanti and Walt's "Bottjer Performance Systems", it was the perfect match! Then when we formed the Garden State Chapter in 1974 and Walt was the Zone Coordinator, his support for the Chapter was above and beyond the call. He attended practically every Chapter meeting in those early years (a 95+ mile trip each way) and many were the late nights at the North Arlington Diner following the meetings and then the Hanover Diner when the meetings were moved to Florham Park. Of course there were the countless National Meets in South Bend and all around the country, Zone Meets like Cherry Hill and the Playboy Club that Walt set up, dozens of Reedsville and York swap meets and the Jazz Festivals in Jessup, MD. So many memories and so many stories. I'll miss your laugh. You were a great friend. RIP Walt.

                Jerry Schobert