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2019 Remembrance Project

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  • studegary
    Peter - Thank you for contiuing this project.
    There are 32 listed (31 with ages). Of those 31, 42% were younger than I am and 48% were the same age or younger than I am. This makes one think.

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  • T442163
    started a topic 2019 Remembrance Project

    2019 Remembrance Project

    Attached should be a list of those Tributes I have prepared for this years Remembrance Project. Please check it out to see if I have missed anyone. I just heard about Scott Stastny and hope to add him if I can get enough information to prepare one in the next day as I am preparing to attend the AOAI, ASC, and SDC internationals in the next two weeks. You can use my email to contact me directly. Thanks.
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