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  • Arthur Bretzke - dealer

    Arthur Bretzke, one time Studebaker dealer died in Hutchinson, MN last Wednesday, Nov. 23 after a long illness. He was 87. His dealership in Hutchinson, had been selling Studebakers since before WWII, but I don't have the exact date. I believe his father opened the business. I spoke with him once, about a year ago, and also talked to his wife a month or so ago about writing a story about his dealership. If I can get more data together I will try to get it done. Fortunately, the 3 story dealership building still survives and is in very good shape and pretty much unaltered on the outside.

    His main recollection about Studebaker at the end was that they couldn't seem to ship cars fast enough for their customers. The cars would be ordered, but the factory seemed to take a long time to fill orders.
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