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    Well I tried Carbonite and found that it completly took control of my laptop slowing things as to make the computer useless.

    Before I go back to a flash drive I wonder what programs you guys have used succesfully.

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    Online backup is great if you have an always-on connection and a big Internet pipe. Awesome if you're doing mission-critical work and want a constant streaming backup of each changed file. Not great for older computers or CPUs though because as you say, it hogs resources and slows things measurably.

    Best bet is to get a standalone USB/Thunderbolt backup drive. You can get 2TB drives from Costco for about $100; most of them come with their own backup programs. You can plug it in, start it before you go to bed and be done by the time you wake up. I've got a Seagate that does me just fine

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      I have MacBook laptops so I use its Time Machine for daily file backups to a 2 Tb WD My Cloud desktop drive. Plus, I use Carbon Copy Cloner for a monthly bootable backup to a portable 2 Tb drive just in case I have a catastrophic hard drive fail away from home. Our iPhones and iPads get backed up to iCloud. Plus, I have free cloud storage accounts at Google Drive, Drop Box and where I backup projects and files that I need to share with others. So, I feel pretty well covered but the downside that I am 72, it may take me a week to remember where I stored a particular file or photo.
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