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Aircraft carriers merging while at sea

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  • Aircraft carriers merging while at sea

    This is a fantastic link about our ships and planes in the Navy. Very interesting and reassuring. We can be thankful for the service of our men and women in the military.
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    sorry, but....

    The pictures are pretty, but there are a BUNCH of errors with the words. For starters~

    The F/A-37 is from the movie 'Stealth'.
    Good story though.

    The formation photos were taken during 'Exercise Valiant Shield' back in 2006.

    I remember it mostly because of the flak the Air Force got when the photos started floating around. They were flying a billion dollar bomber, and yet they couldn't figure out how to get themselves centered in the picture!!! Photoshopped versions of the pic with the aircraft formation centered over the ship formation flooded the 'net soon after...
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      Perfect symmetry!...Well done, & thanks for posting this Bob!


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        We got all this fire power but the 'politicians' won't let the military defeat the ragheads! stupak