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1955 Packard for sale

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  • 1955 Packard for sale

    Posting for my friend and his dad. They are looking to sell their 1955 Packard.

    Here is the link to the craigslist ad. The car is located in Greenville, WI.

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    That's probably the most desirable 1955 Clipper Sedan; a Clipper Custom...and pretty colors to boot. It had the 352 engine in 1955, whereas the lesser Super and DeLuxe models had the 320 engine (in 1955).

    Also, 1955 Clipper Customs had Torsion-Level Ride standard equipment, whereas it was an extra cost option for 1955 Clipper Supers and Clipper Deluxes.

    It would be nice to see this car "brought back," but you could easily have three or four times its projected retail selling price in it to do so. BP
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