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Passport Car Hauler Fire

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  • Passport Car Hauler Fire

    I used these guys a couple of years ago to move three of my cars from Florida to Texas all arriving in perfect shape. Some not so lucky people here.
    Fort Worth, TX

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    Looks like a tire overheated and started burning.


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      Yep; either a tire was too low and overheated and caught fire, or a wheel bearing was dry and started cooking everything around it. BP
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        THAT is tragic. That thought occurred to me while my Hawk was being transported. Insurance or not, how would one replace a Hawk...


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          When we had our shop we serviced a huge number of our customer's trailers(house, boat, utility etc.). We found a lot of potential issues nipped in the bud because most people just hook up and go without ever thinking of the maintenance factors. I agree with BP's post # 3 as dry bearings were always an issue along with seized brakes, low(poor) tires etc.


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            I would go with seized brakes, I have seen drivers drive for miles with the brakes sized up and seen them catch fire.


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              With the low cost of electronics and wireless systems today you would think that a temp sensor could be placed in the trailer wheel wells and transmit to the drivers cabin for well under $100. Over in my Sunbeam Tiger world a guy had sold his car and in transit to the new owner the transporter caught on fire. It just seems a shame to lose rare, expensive cars this way.
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