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Thank God for good old Detroit Iron

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  • Thank God for good old Detroit Iron

    Friday night, " Date Night" did not go as intended. My wife and I were headed out to dinner, and were hit from the side, by a scumbag, with no drivers license, no insurance, and driving someone else vehicle. He ran a stop sign, and allegedly "blacked out". But his foot did not lift off of the gas. He hit us right in front of the front door, and knocked us over into a City of Houston Mobile Health Department truck, which was parked, on jacks on the side of the road. The Houston Fire Dept. had to get us out of the vehicle.
    The scumbag, spent one night in jail, and bonded out. He is to appear in court today for the same charges, no insurance, no drivers license and wreckless driving from December. And he was on probation for procession of a controlled substance. He has been arrested 6 other times on various charges.
    I am thankful that we were in a good old vehicle with a frame. The whole truck is about 2 inches narrower in the back than it was before. And it was not hit in the back. That is why the back window exploded. The damage on the right side of the car is almost as bad as the left, as it was driven into the frame of the big truck.

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    OUCH! What more can be said? That's gotta be a total loss.

    (If you were in a Prius and were sandwiched between an Escalade and that Dept of Health Truck, your name would still be anew today on the forum, but more likely under Passings and Obituaries.)
    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

    Ayn Rand:
    "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality."

    G. K. Chesterton: This triangle of truisms, of father, mother, and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it.


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      OH MY! I'm happy you seem to be OK. At least, able to post this. Don't sign any releases until you are thoroughly checked out and given time to make sure no latent problems surface.

      It is stories like this that "burn" me, and challenge my Christian values. I have to fight the urge to turn vigilante.

      I have thoughts of placing creeps like that into a small chamber with the judges that keep letting them off. Make them have to eat with the same utensils, go to the bathroom, and sleep standing together for a few days.

      It is sad when human beings lack the morals of a stray dog, have zero ability to delay gratification, and attempt to "short-cut" their way through life without paying for anything. Then, make excuses, and blame anyone in their line of sight for their failings.

      Be prepared for some public defender to blame you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
      John Clary
      Greer, SC

      SDC member since 1975


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        Yikes! I am sure glad that you and your wife are okay. It is a wonder how people like the driver who hit you are able to get back out on the streets so quickly. Especially after so many arrests. Let's hope the authorities lock him up for a while this time.
        Ed Sallia
        Dundee, OR

        Sol Lucet Omnibus


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          It seems like he is going to go till he kills someone.


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            Very happy you and yours are ok.


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              Glad you and your wife are ok...the car is replaceable.
              Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.


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                My condolences on your truck, but I'm glad you and your wife are OK.
                Tom - Bradenton, FL

                1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2514.10)
                1964 Studebaker Commander - 170 1V, 3-Speed w/OD


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                  I am very glad to see that you and your wife are ok. vehicles can be replace but not human lives.

                  John S.


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                    Like all the previous said, good that you and your wife are OK. Hopefully, nothing will be a "hidden" injury to show itself in a day or two. Best wishes to you, Bill.


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                      Glad everybody is OK! Just remember, cars and trucks are "chunks of plastic and steel" and CAN be replaced! I deal with it everyday at work.

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                        Originally posted by Chucks Stude View Post
                        It seems like he is going to go till he kills someone.
                        Than he would invoke influence or too rich and spoiled to know that he can kill 4 people and get away with it.