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This is just plain stupid, what were they thinking .

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  • This is just plain stupid, what were they thinking .

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    Well that's a real line of you know what if I have ever seen one......


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      That is unbelievable.


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        2009 Sewage Issues

        Maybe it was stupid to build too fast for the one plant to process.

        During Dubai's economic boom in 2009 the city's rapid growth meant that it was stretching its limited sewage treatment infrastructure to its limits. Consequently, human waste from Dubai's 1.3 million inhabitants was collected daily from thousands of septic tanks across the city and driven by tankers to the city's only sewage treatment plant at Al-Awir.

        They have since finished building other plants to try and keep up.

        Al Awir Plant

        Jebel Ali plant

        The first two phases of the Jebel Ali

        JDP Maryland


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          So much Chitt is expensive to deal with. I ain't chittin ya. cheers jimmijim
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            I used to work in Saudi in the 80's... There were NO systems in Jeddah that I knew of. The trucks were supposed to siphon and remove the contents of a building or compound and take it far into the desert to dump. However, the work ethic of many a truck driver often ended in the nearest highway median outside the city center. New comers ofter wondered why there were tomato plants growing between the highways.... Ask anyone who's been there if they remember the "essence of Jeddah". Lots of funny stories..
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