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Really...just to save a DIME?

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    Originally posted by 2moredoors View Post
    Tractor fuel was a low grade of Kerosene some called it TVO (Tractor vaporizing oil), and yes you started the tractor with gasoline and then switched to kerosene/TVO. If you shut the tractor off without shutting off the fuel the "carb" had to be drained as it would be full of kerosene and would not start. My family members had a number of these type of tractors on their respective farms.
    Cool, Cliff; that's what I understood. Sounds like a win-win all the way around; the refinery got to sell a low-grade product for which there probably wasn't much of another market, and the farmer got a fuel that was cheaper than he would have had otherwise.

    I suppose it kind of died off with the advent of diesel tractors? BP
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      Many LP tractors had the same arrangement as TVO machines. Start on gas, especially in winter, get some heat in the engine and then switch to LP. Most ran a vaporizer coil to help boil off the LP.
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        Originally posted by Green53 View Post
        Here in the Phoenix area Premium is +20 cents at Costo and +25 to 30 and the other stations. Regular is $2.93 this morning. What is crazy is E85 is about 40 cents higher that regular and diesel is really high

        Denny L
        I bought gasoline last evening - self serve, cash - $4.119 per gallon.
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          Gasoline here is $1.19.9/$1.23.6/$1.27.2 and diesel is $1.30.6 per litre. That works out to $4.54/$4.68/$4.82 and $4.94 a US gallon. A full to the top of the neck tankful for my VW TDI is 16 US gallons of diesel, and costs $79.00 and gets me about 700 miles in mid-winter, and nearly 900 miles in mid-summer. At least I'm no longer driving the Jeep with its lovely 16 US mpg! Even so, even Gary's prices look pretty tasty from here.