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Pep Boys Black Friday Sale

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  • Pep Boys Black Friday Sale

    Hey guys and gals,

    It's time to start dropping your Christmas hints to folks and then send them the following link. I see some pretty good purchases there. For instance, a 2-ton trolley jack for $10. Heck that will take up very little room in a trunk and it's a whole lot better choice when you have a flat than those flimsy scissor twist jacks the manufacturers supply. Check it out!
    Mike O'Handley, Cat Herder Third Class
    Kenmore, Washington

    '58 Packard Hawk
    '05 Subaru Baja Turbo
    '71 Toyota Crown Coupe
    '69 Pontiac Firebird
    (What is it with me and discontinued/orphan cars?)

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    Great deals! Thanks Mike.
    Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
    '53 Commander Starliner (Finally running and driving, but still in process)
    '56 Golden Hawk (3 speed/overdrive, Power steering - Running, but not yet driving)
    '62 GT Hawk (4 speed, A/C, Power steering - running and DRIVING!)