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"...aren't we devils?..."

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  • "...aren't we devils?..."

    In the 40s, there was a radio show,

    I thought of this phrase today when I was remembering a couple of devilish stunts one of my friends pulled on the manager of our apartment house in 1956.

    At the time, the Mexican peso was worth about a nickel. And they were almost exactly the size of a US quarter--which just happened to be the amount necessary for a load of clothes in the basement wash room of the apartment where we lived. And 3 of them in the dryer would dry several loads. And my friend just HAPPENED to have maaaany pesos from a trip to Del Rio to visit his parents. And once word got around that pesos and quarters worked the same way in the washer AND dryer, my friend did a pretty good biz, selling pesos for 15 cents to all the other tenants of our apartment building. And I have to admit, I used a few myself.

    One day, I was in the laundry room, finishing up a load of clothes when Ralph, the manager, came in to remove the coins from the machines. Ralph was a bent-over, shrunken, wrinkled, balding, old galoot, who always wore a hat, indoors or out. Looked a little like a weathered 'Popeye' Doyle from "The French Connection". He just happened to be the brother of the owner of the apartments. He lived in an apartment kinda in the middle of the stairs going to the second floor and took care of the place. He pretty much kept to himself except when we needed something repaired.

    Ralph left, pesos jingling, to go upstairs and call his brother. And the next couple of weeks, when anyone did laundry, Ralph would suddenly masterialize, key in hand, to check the coins. He opened the box after each one did their laundry. But either he or I had told everyone of the peso problem, so no one was using pesos any more. Of course, they were still worth a nickel in Mexico, so when one of us went, we just gave him the pesos and got USD when he returned. Of course, that meant we each lost 10 cents on each one. But that was better than giving Ralph apoplexy!

    Or getting caught!!

    Until the night of the 1st