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    I drove an Alliance as a company car for a couple of years.
    Loaded with options. Ran good. Nice little car.
    Maybe I was lucky.

    Originally posted by studerodder View Post
    meaningless. the renault alliance also won this award, and it was a piece of crap.
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      It seems to be a intresting car, if you car about such cars. I don't.


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        It's a totally new car and maybe the price will drop in a few years and/or maybe they will offer a model named Studebaker in the near future that will be affordable.
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          Ever since the Chevy Caprice Classic won the title of COTY back in '92 I believe, I gave up caring who wins and feel much better not knowing...

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            Sorry - It was Track and Traffic that awarded the Studebaker Car of the Year and the year was 1964.

            Motor Trend also picked the Vega for 1971.


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              To be fair, the Vega was a great concept and design. It was the engineering and execution that went south.

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                Originally posted by showbizkid View Post
                To be fair, the Vega was a great concept and design. It was the engineering and execution that went south.
                Goodness, Clark!...That broad brush profound statement pretty much covers eons of man's existence. If we attempted to cover everything that could be the subject of that...we'd probably clog the whole internet like a backed up sewer!

                Thinking about great ideas that went sour in production...I would really like to have recordings of meetings between production decision makers, bean counters, and the design engineers as to what they wanted to build as opposed to what they could build. I have wondered how often those meetings ended with compromises that caused the design engineers to seek employment elsewhere due to compromises they couldn't live with.
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                  The model "S" starts at 95K. Even too much for most of the "Green" folks, I'm sure.

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                    Originally posted by 55s View Post
                    Motor Trend also picked the Vega for 1971.
                    I owned one (new) and kept it for 8 months, before the word spread that it was not much of a car. I was glad to be rid of it.
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                      Driving a car like this, is like washing your feet with your socks on. You just don't get the "REAL FEEL".