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The Sportscar of Tractors

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  • The Sportscar of Tractors

    So a guy stuffs a turbocharged Volvo in his tractor, right?
    It doesn't look that good, but burns rubber like a Ferrari!
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    Wow, I'm impressed. You gotta love it when a guy creats a vehicle that makes you think WHY, WHY
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      Why do that when you can buy a factory Lambo.

      I got to play with them at the International Agriculture show in Italy.

      One of the more popular auto to tractor transplants was the flathead Ford into an 8N or 9N, there are still conversion kits around if you look hard enough.
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        In addition to Lamborghini tractors (that's how he made his fortune to build sports cars)...Porsche also made them.
        And don't forget Ford...they've made some neat sports and race cars in their time.
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