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What's the most upscale car you have owned?

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  • What's the most upscale car you have owned?

    I noticed a thread where someone talked about his wife's BMW and his Mercedes. What is the most upscale (for its time) car you have owned?

    My dad owned, in this order, '35 Ford, '39 Studebaker, '48 Olds, '53 Chrysler, '57 Lincoln (still owned by my nephew). You see a progression there which used to happen, people moved to more upscale cars. I have not done that. Started with Studes, bought Fords after Stude left the market. Along the way owned a 3 cyl SAAB, an Olds F-85, couple of VWs and a Toyota. My Avanti is probably my most upscale car.
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    Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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    I had a 1970 Lincoln and a 2002 Lincoln LS. I disposed of the LS for the '02 Avanti...guess that might be called an upscale move, though the Lincoln had some amenities the Avanti doesn't.
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      My first car was a 1951 Lincoln Sport Sedan. My Dad always bought Fords and Lincolns. My HS prom car was a 1958 Lincoln Continental. Had several '56 Chevy Nomads which, while not exactly "upscale", they carry an upscale price tag. When Dad passed away I ended up with his fully loaded 1985 Lincoln Town Car but I sold it and bought my Hawk, which gets WAY more attention than anything else around it and is a LOT more fun to drive. I've had many people ask me if it's a Mercedes, even one guy thought it was a Rolls Royce and of course, lots of folks think it's a T-Bird!!! I feel like a celebrity whenever I drive it.


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        Upscale? Me?

        I guess either my '80 Trans Am in the early 1980s, or my current '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not too impressive, huh?

        Just not an upscale sort of guy..........

        Edit: Just realized that my '64 GT Hawk is probably the most "upscale" car I've every had.
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          I had a Cadillac Calais for a while, but it was already old and not in great shape. My dad, though, has owned several fuel injected 1957 Chevys (including a stock FI convertible), FI 57 Corvette, a few Ferraris, Cadillac CRX (I think that's what it is). He doesn't own them all now, but he still has the CRX and some other higher end cars like a 1963 Avanti. My favorites were a 1967 (9?) Ferrari 2+2 and his Audi 100LS (even though the 100LS has a bad reputation).
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            I guess my 95 Mark VIII. I also had a 87 Continental, a 69 Continental Mark III and a 67 Lincoln two door hardtop.
            Jamie McLeod
            Hope Mills, NC

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              My top end cars are 70 Chrysler 300, 71 ElDorado convertable,and 81 Avanti II. Although not my favorites. Still have the Caddy and Avanti but had to let the 300 go.

              Like Ddub, I was taught It's OK to drive a Ford... Untill you can do better.
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                I had a 1966 Imperial Crown Coupe that I regrettably had to sell. It was deep plum with a black vinyl top and black leather bucket seats. Had all the toys including the floor controlled AM/FM radio. They called it the "Sport Imperial". Sigh.


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                  "Upscale" for it's time ? I'll assume you mean in it's specific automotive class. 30's--38 Packard, 40's--Standard Flying 8 Tourer, 50's--either the 56 Sky Hawk (my fav), 55 T-Bird, or the 59 Lincoln Premier, 60's-- 67 T-Bird Landau, 63 Avanti, 66 Sunbeam Tiger, 70's--72 Pantera. Most 70's on up I have always considered disposables to just use, so I've had nothing especially notable to most folks these last 3 decades. (some really neat ones like GT's, SS's, etc., but not especially upscale.) Funny to note, some of the hot rods/special interest/restored cars that may have started off as a bottom of the pond model cost WAY more than our "upscales" by the time we finish them, isn't it ? Our definition of the ultimate car that we could "move up to" is definitely NOT what the past generation would consider upscale, ha !


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                    I guess if you go by original sticker price my 83 Avanti and 2000 Silverado 1500K would be them. They both stickered at approx $32K new. I purchased the Avanti a couple of years back and the Silverado new. I just had to have a top of the line 4X4 once in my life and learned "Never Again". Nice truck which I still have but from here on I'm purchasing a year or two old used car. Much better value and I can use the money saved to enjoy other pursuits.

                    Other than the Silverado, I've never spent more than $12,400 on a car, so I guess I've had a minimal number of up-scale vehicles.

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                      I owned a '67 T-bird with the suicide doors. It was a nice boulevard cruiser, and had most all the comfort & convenience features upscale cars had back then. It did have the automatic door locks which locked the doors at 7 mph; a feature that wasn't see en-masse on vehicles until the last ten years or so.



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                        That is a difficult category. I would think of my 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special, 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe, 1968 Buick Riviera GS, 1993 Chrysler Executive Limousine and Avantis including the 1987 that I bought new. Now, my Acura comes closest.
                        Gary L.
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                          Thirty or so years ago I owned a '57 Cadillac 62. It was a plain jane without radio or A/C, crank windows and vacuum wipers.
                          This is not my car but is the spitting image including color.
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                            Had a Eldorado convertible,back when gas was cheap and cars were big.


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                              Had a 58 Packard Hawk, 63 Avanti with AC, 69 Lincoln Mark III, 97 Eldorado........By far, the Lincoln was the most luxurious
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