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  • The US Election

    It's 8.00 pm Saturday night here, and channel 7 announced that it would be covering the US Elections all day Wednesday (our time). I don't intend to insult any of my SDC fellow members, but, I care about your elections as much as you care about ours. It's a media feeding frenzy...

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    Wow. What a waste of your airtime. Why would any Australian care, except maybe a two minute report when it's all over? Sheesh.


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      The radio ad blitz has started here. How the heck am I going to know which pest control firm or carpet cleaning method best suits me when all I hear are ads about who I should vote for?! I think your channel 7 would sell more ad time with a "Skippy The Bush Kangaroo" marathon.


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        I am SICK of this camPAIN! most of the ads here are not saying "Vote for me!" they are saying "Don't vote for the other guy, He's a good for nothing BUM".

        I tend to agree!
        Neil Thornton


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          I can see this thread having some very interesting comments posted in here.

          John S.


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            I feel your pain, Matt. Was trying to avoid all the election lying and tuned into the BBC World Service news on our satellite radio to learn what might be happening elsewhere in the world. What were they broadcasting: the Romney-Obama debate! Sheesh.
            Skip Lackie


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              The way I figger it, during the campaign there must not be any bad things happening, and for that I am grateful. No murders, kidnapping, car wrecks, nothing bad. And that is good. Cuz i don't see it on tv news.


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                IBTL (In before the lock) Forum policy, you know. OMG, politics!!!
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                  Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
                  IBTL (In before the lock) Forum policy, you know. OMG, politics!!!
                  So far, I don't see a political discussion here. Looks like a complaint about the news media to me, and as long as it stays non-partisan, fine.

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                    My wife said the other day that we might be able to balance the budget if the money spent on ads was diverted for that purpose.
                    Joe Roberts
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                      Originally posted by JRoberts View Post
                      My wife said the other day that we might be able to balance the budget if the money spent on ads was diverted for that purpose.
                      It wouldn't balance it, but it sure would help!
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                        I voted early and I'll just say I had to hold my nose for the man I picked: it was that close. Needless to say: I'll be real glad when the election is over.

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                          IBTL; In Before The Lock. That's pretty good, Bob. BP
                          We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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                            Talk about going to the dog fights? only if I get for free.
                            Castro Valley,


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                              Political campaigns never end here in the USA.

                              When you think about it, almost all of the expenses incurred (besides travel and room & board) are for media advertising.
                              So the media industry is beholden to political machines for their income.
                              And nothing will generate income faster than a political frenzy.
                              And nothing will start a political frenzy faster than a media generated story about a politician (truth be damned).

                              So our media is expert at stirring the pot because they eat from the pot filled by the politicians who are stirring the pot.
                              Symbiotic relationship.
                              One gets their money from you. The other gets their money from them.

                              And we enable them. Sometimes fervently.
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