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BOSTON or BUST.. god willing no bust.

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  • BOSTON or BUST.. god willing no bust.

    Hello Gang.

    Me and the wife are moving to Boston MA (well more like southern New Hampshire) but you catch my drift.

    Here is the short story, My wife got excepted to Boston College to work on her Ph.D. and my company has an opening in the Boston area for me, sonow we say goodbye to TN and hello New England.

    I look forward to joining a new chapter of the SDC and exploring the some of the east coast automotive attractions I haven't yet seen

    BUT I NEED HELP!.. if anyone in the area is reading this and knows a good realtor please PM or email the information to me, Also if anyone is looking for a great house with an AWESOME SHOP here in Tennessee, let me know.. I'll make you a hell of a deal.

    Thanks gang (this is gonna be wicked cool)working on my new englander slang

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    Don't rule out Rhode Island when you make the move! We have mass transit train service to Boston departing from Warwick and Providence. See, ya can get theya from heya! And we have a very fine SDC Chapter to boot!


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      So, tell me noire about your place in TN. I have a nephew who is looking to move to the mountains from the Augusta, GA area. My son has an old college room-mate who lives in Boston. He might could help you. Send me more contact info.


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        Welcome to New England! My wife and I are both displaced southerners, she is from Georgia and I am from Texas. We lived in southern New Hampshire for eight years and just recently (3 months ago) moved to Boston. Your going to like it here, this place grows on you pretty quickly, and the Studebaker crowd is really good. I look forward to meeting you at one of the meets in the spring!
        1961 Flamingo Studebaker Hawk


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          And can get excellent lobster for about what a so so shrimp dinner cost in the south! Good luck with the move!
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

          SDC member since 1975


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            Just be careful and watch your back. There are lots of YANKEES there!
            Neil Thornton


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              Moving NORTH, from Tennessee? Are you sure the both of you are ok? Don't need an evaluation, or anything? LOL