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  • Rotary engine update

    Shkolnik says that the X2 engine is a rotary because piston engines aren’t suitable for the HEHC and a rotary engine provides much more flexibility. Also, the use of a rotary design greatly simplifies the engine with only three moving parts and 13 major components required. That allows the X2 to be one-tenth the size of a comparable diesel engine.
    Not only does the X2 engine work on a different principle from the Wankel, but it doesn’t suffer from the same limitations. The X2 engine has a better surface to volume ratio, it doesn’t have the thermodynamic limitations of the Otto cycle and it doesn’t have the emissions problems of the Wankel. The Wankel has apex seals that are carried around with the rotor and need to be lubricated. To do this, oil has to be sprayed on them, which means that the Wankel is burning oil as it runs, resulting in the high emissions that have recently curtailed its use. The X2 engine, on the other hand, moves the seals from the rotor to the crankcase, so no special lubrication is required.
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    Right up there with the Fish carburetor. 200 mpg on a Mustang V8.*

    *By the way, Fish carburetors are still readily available, always have been. Problem is, they don't perform as advertised.

    Thermodynamics rules all, BS doesn't.