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Orphan of the Day, 10-17, 1949 Fargo

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  • Orphan of the Day, 10-17, 1949 Fargo

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    Beautiful color! Is it a PLUM(sic) color?
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      I'm not much of a Chrysler guy, but that truck looks nice. It looks like a hot rod . Do you know what the power plant was ?
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        It's interesting to look at compared to what Studebaker did the same year. It has a very tall looking roofline. I like how the fender line disappears into the door the way Studebaker's 1R concept truck did. I'm glad Studebaker didn't go with that design line as I wouldn't want anyone to think Stude needed to steal design lines from the competition. If you look at the single wall bed and the running boards on the outside, it's easy to conclude that Studebaker's design was years ahead of Chrysler Corp. And Studebaker's roofline made for a sleeker style although I could probably drive the Fargo wearing a 10 gallon hat. Fortunately for me, I don't wear cowboy hats.

        All that being said, this is a fine example and a beautiful truck.

        Thanks for posting it.
        Jon Stalnaker
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          It is a good looking truck. One that in either Canadian or U.S. trim you do not see too often, unless.........

 go to Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Yes this one is a Dodge, not a Fargo.
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