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Our local Chevy dealer in action

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  • Our local Chevy dealer in action

    Please post this anywhere there are car people. I hope this closes down their stealership. There have been complaints against this dealer before about abusive driving in customers cars. No one ever had enough proof to do anything before. Steve
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    The guy posted a few minutes ago that the dealer has contacted him and has agreed to buy the car back.

    It sounds like the guys on the audio are a couple of horse's a**es with teeth; but sometimes s*** just happens. I once rebuilt an engine and then took the car on a twenty minute drive to break it in and make sure everything was working fine again. The service manager knew where I was going and what I was doing. Had my road tool kit, five gallons of water, an extra filter and even oil in the trunk - just in case. It purred like a kitten. No issues. As I was turning around to head back to the dealer, I got T-boned by a guy. Go figure.

    Cars today are equipped with a sort of black box. It's the first thing a traffic cop will pull in a serious traffic accident because it gives him a complete picture of what the car was doing before and at the moment of impact. Dealers can use it to determine if you are abusing your car. If these yokels thought the guy was beating that car to death and that's what had caused the tranny problems, they should have pulled it and checked his driving habits leading up to the time he turned it in for repair; instead, it can be used to determine how they were driving the car while it was in for service.
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      The dealer at first said he would not fix the car, GM customer service said it was a dealer issue and refused to help EVEN AFTER HEARING THE TAPE!! Until it started getting mass attention on the internet, questions from TV stations and newspapers etc... GM and all its affiliates officially bowed out and hung the car owner with it. I see today that someone in the GM food chain is offering to buy the car now. What about the comments at the end of the tape along the lines of charge the owner for the disc, warranty the pressure plate but bill them 2 days apart so he can bill the labor twice? A thief is a thief. Please shut these crooks down. Steve


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        Video now removed.
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          Heres a different link. This one has an ad you can skip pretty quickly at the beginning. The dealer was Best Chevrolet Kia in Easley SC. The dealer, GM or whoever feels the need can kill videos but the fact is the events happened and ONLY because of the negative publicity generated by making those events public did anyone step up to make this right. Steve
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            Stuff like this is why I drive a Ford.


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              Sadly, the brand probably doesn't make any difference. Until a few months ago, I owned a 2009 Accord. I took it the closest Honda dealer (Lee Honda in Auburn) to get an update to fix a software glitch. One of the map lights had stopped working, so I asked them to change the bulb while I was there. The service manager came back & said it wasn't the bulb, I needed a new switch to the tune of $125, so I said never mind. The service tech left a bulb in the cup holder, so when I got home, I put the bulb in myself. Glory be, the light worked! I traded the Honda at a different dealer within a week.


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                Yeah, bad dealers are bad dealers.

                During a momentary aberration in the late 80s I had a Dodge. During routine maintenance, my dealer's service writer tried to convince me that I needed a valve adjustment... I asked him how that worked on a car with hydraulic lifters. Never went back there again.

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                  Originally posted by Sam Ensley View Post
                  Stuff like this is why I drive a Ford.
                  Here, let me fix that for you.......

                  Stuff like this is why I drive a STUDEBAKER.


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                    Originally posted by Sam Ensley View Post
                    Stuff like this is why I drive a Ford.
                    AAAWWW, come on Sam !! Most all car dealers these days do that even Ford dealers.. If you've ever worked in one you'd know.. Guess that's why I got out.. Technically most know their product better than the independants.. Now there's were the graft is most of the time..


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                      I'm not sure why "service advisors" are a commission job.

                      Yes, it gets them to hustle...but when a dealer is charging $60-90 an hour for a mechanic they pay maybe $30 to, you'd think there would be money left over for the SA.
                      Besides, think of the ad/PR benefits you'd make if you told the public that your advisors aren't on commission.

                      I'm not against some low-key "suggestibve selling"...."Sir, your wiper blades are shot.." Or about tires or a new battery...but there is a lot of leeway there for out and out customer abuse/rip off.
                      When I had a 80s Chevy Nova/Toyota Corolla (winter car) in the early 90s, and needed a head gasket, the SA at the Chevy dealer tried to sell me a new/rebuilt engine by saying that head gasket repairs didn't always work.

                      I've seen plenty of dealers where they have a suggested service schedule on the wall...and it's much more frequent than the factory calls for in the Owner's Manual. Many customers probably fall for that assuming they're the same.
                      Not quite a rip-off, but not exactly kosher either.
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                        I was once at a Chrysler dealer in Macon as a kid (~2004) with my dad checking out what was new and the salesman tried to convince us that Chrysler Corp. had bought out Ford. If it was 1984 and he had mistaken Ford for AMC..., sure, but it kills to see what obvious lies people tell straight-faced.
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                          Originally posted by JBOYLE View Post
                          I'm not sure why "service advisors" are a commission job.
                          Once told a story here about the service advisor at my local Chevy dealer.
                          I had a heater relay and wire connector problem.
                          Seems it was covered under a recall for certain models and a campaign on other models.
                          I went in to see (A) If my truck was covered under either, or (B) What the parts and labor would cost.
                          Pulled into the drive thru line into the service department where they had a computer service desk in the middle of the shop.
                          Then, the service writer, while asking me for my vehicle info, also asked me for my CC number.
                          When asked why they needed my CC# to figure this out, they said it was a minimum charge of 1 hour to diagnose.
                          After another minute of useless conversation, I backed my truck out of their little profit center drive through aisle and left (vowing never to set foot in there again).
                          Went home and shopped the 'Net and bought both parts for less than $100.
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                            The second video was taken down. Here is another link:
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                              I guess I've been spoiled by our local Ford dealer. An old family friend took over the Ford dealership over in Hayesville, NC in 1959. He was not only an old family friend, but was our next door neighbor. His son now has several dealerships in north Georgia and North Carolina, but he always looks afterhis customers, especially the old friends and neighbors.