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  • New Lone Ranger movie

    As James Dean useta say, “Well, then, there, now….” it appears Disney is gonna release a NEW Lone Ranger movie next May. Here is a still Disney released of the 2.

    Johnny Depp fell off his horse, filming it. And maybe speared a bird nest with his noggin? NO, he’s gonna be Tonto. You’d probably never have noticed Tonto’s headdress if I hadn’t mentioned it. Maybe the theory is: Why wear only 1 or 2 feathers when you can have the entire bird?

    The Lone Ranger appears to be a REAL lawman now—or perhaps this is a pic of him when he was an ACTUAL Texas Ranger. I really can’t picture him, camping out, having to don the sartorial splendor of a real 3-piece suit every day. Or maybe it has a long strip of Velcro down the back and he just rips it off like those male strippers do, when he becomes the Lone Ranger. Doesn’t even need a phone booth, like Superman. (When was the last time YOU saw a REAL phone booth?)

    As for Tonto’s..uh.. “crown”, you may remember from my synopsis of The Lone Ranger several months ago, “tonto” is a Spanish colloquial word for “stupid”. If he’s REALLY gonna wear a bird on his head for the whole movie, he seems to be living up to THAT name. Or maybe this is his rendition of The Flying Nun. Or with that face make-up, he’s practicing to be in KISS.

    All in all, this seems to be a very different Lone Ranger from that of Clayton Moore. I’ll bet ol’ Clay is turning over in his grave just about now!

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    That still image is totally disgusting in regards to the lifestyle meaning of The Lone Ranger and Tonto.


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      Every attempt to "modernize" an old favorite to try and make it culturally relevant to a new generation is an abject failure. I hope this doesn't turn out to be some camp update, but it probably will.

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        I grew up watching the Lone Ranger tv shows but I doubt if I'll bother seeing this film when it's released. Some legends...though fiction only...deserve not to be remade into something they weren't intended. With all the remakes it seems Hollywood has run out of ideas.

        Clayton Moore, while pretty randy in his early career, once he took the role of the Lone Ranger, knew he would be a hero and role model to kids and lived (at least publicly) in way that was a positive influence on children. The image he presented to that audience was important to him. The same goes for Roy Rogers, Hoppalong Cassidy, Gene Auty and other early television actors. You rarely see that in celebrities and sports figures of today.
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          Part of the movie was filmed in northern Arizona's Monument Valley, made famous in several John Wayne-John Ford movies. Could be a bad movie with great scenery.
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            I don't know much about the actor playing the Lone Ranger, but IMO Johnny Depp is one of the best actors in modern times. I love his movies.

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              I like Depp too, but that hasn't made me pay to see any of the Pirates films or even watch The Tourist "free" on cable.

              Let's face it, films today are meant for kids (who are far more "hip" and cynical than we evre were at their age)....and foreign audiences who probably have never understood the old
              "American values of fair play, truth and justice" that the old TV series fostered.

              My guess is the new film will have The Lone Ranger be totally square, while Tonto is hip and gets him out of trouble.

              BTW: My late first wife went to school with Jay Silverheel's daughter in Canoga Park in the mid 70s.
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                BTW: My late first wife went to school with Jay Silverheel's daughter in Canoga Park in the mid 70s.
                I met him briefly at a gun show here in Wichita back in the late 70's, I think it was.
                He said he was living here in town, which surprised the heck out of me.
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                  According to the Lone Ranger Fan Club site,


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                    I had a Lone Ranger lunch box & thermos. The Ranger's caption on it said "Hiyo Silver". Tonto said "Getem up, Scout." Does anyone else remember dropping their thermos & seeing the shattered insides afterwards?


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                      The tell tale rattle when you shook the thermos!


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                        Met Clayton Moore at a screening of one of the Lone Ranger movies at the Washington Theater in Washington, PA when I was a kid. It was either "The Lone Ranger" in 1956 or "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" in 1958. I think they were the only two full length Ranger feature films he made. Yes, he wore full costume.
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                          I took my kids to the Drive-In the early 80's for a double feature. E.T. and The Lone Ranger. Don't recall who the stars were in that one.
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                            Except for the used bird on his head, Depp still looks like Capt. Jack Sparrow.



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                              Originally posted by rockinhawk View Post
                              I took my kids to the Drive-In the early 80's for a double feature. E.T. and The Lone Ranger. Don't recall who the stars were in that one.
                              I was going to say -- they already tried Lone Ranger as a movie back in the early 80s and it failed miserably. Hopefully this one does better, but I will be checking the reviews before buying a ticket, that's for sure.

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