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Orphan of the Day, 12-22, 1979 Pegaso

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  • Orphan of the Day, 12-22, 1979 Pegaso

    An abortive attempt to revive the legendary 1950's sports car from Spain.

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    I wonder if the designer slept well after he added the bumpers ????
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      Originally posted by klifton1 View Post
      I wonder if the designer slept well after he added the bumpers ????
      I bet he didn't; along with most of the other car designers back in the '70's. It is from the era when those 5-mph bumpers stuck out like afterthoughts, and no car was exempt from that if they wanted to sell in the U.S. and Canadian market.



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        Thanks for posting the Pegaso pictures.

        I enjoyed the sophistication of the '50s Pegasos and hadn't seen photos of the '79 in quite a while.

        Interesting to think, the '79 is closer in time to the '50s Pegaso than to today. As one old sage said, "The future comes quick".


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          Looks a lot like a Lotus to me. Love it.


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            Love child of a XJS and a Countach.
            Those low profile tires were unheard of on a production car in '79. They'd have cost a fortune to replace back then.
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              Some cars are so obscure that the term "orphan" doesn't do it justice. Perhaps "Waif" would be a more appropriate description.

              Of course, "obscure to me," is no indication that others were not familiar with it. People, who are as "self-absorbed" as I am, often fail to notice things that don't exactly get in their way!
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                Pegaso is not quite an orphan yet.

                In addition to the handful of high performance 1950s sports cars, Pegaso built tens of thousands of heavy trucks and military vehicles well into the 1990s.

                As of today, there are still Pegaso motorcycles in production.


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                  Pegaso ran the auto project much as Bristol ran theirs, as a place for apprentices to hone their skills. Yes, they are still big in commercial vehicles. But the Pegaso motorcycle is one model of Aprilia, owned by Piaggio, in Italy.

                  It's "Pegasus," the flying horse. You're bound to run into it here and there all over -- like on a Mobil sign, for instance.


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                    The front reminds me of an enlarged 3rd generation Saab Sonnet. What kind of power plant did that car use?
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