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  • Corvanti
    what i hope to have by next spring:
    a V8 bullet nose with auto trans. or a finned hawk. or a 59/60 2 door lark VIII.

    dreaming of: a packard hawk.

    if i win the lottery: all of the above and a 2013-(14?) C7 corvette zr-1.

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  • Chris_Dresbach
    Originally posted by studerodder View Post
    any car from Ed George's front garage.
    I second that.

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  • studerodder
    any car from Ed George's front garage.

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  • BubbaBear
    Jay Leno's list would be a good starting point but it needs more Studebakers right away.

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  • JRoberts
    Any such list is mostly pure fantasy and is thus a fluid one as well. So here goes…..
    1932 Studebaker President St. Regis Brougham
    1938 – 1942 Champion 2dr. Sedan
    1939 COE with Powerstroke drive train and F350 chassis
    1950 2R6
    1952 Commander hardtop
    1955 Coupe with Regal trim, 289, four speed
    1954-55 Conestoga
    1960 Convertible V-8 three speed w/od
    1963 Avanti R2, four speed
    1964-66 Clone of a Hamilton rally car
    Also would want the two Studebakers already in my garage


    1927 Model T track roadster w/Studebaker power
    1926–30 "Blower Bentley"
    1950 Packard 2dr with Packard V-8
    1950 Hudson Hornet 2dr with Twin-H power
    1956 Austin Healy 100-4
    1955 - 58 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
    1957 -58 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
    1961 Pontiac Catalina bubble top 389 tri power w/4 speed
    1963 Porsche Super 90
    1963 Ford Galaxie 427 w/four speed
    1964 Saab 96 “Bullnose” w/ a later Monte Carlo 3 cylinder, 3 carburetor 2 stroke engine.
    1966 Dodge Charger Gold Hemi w/4speed
    1973 BMW tii
    2012 Cadillac CTS-V four door w/manual tranny

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  • aarrggh
    Only one car for me . : : :
    And of course my 38 and a Ford Raptor truck as an everyday driver . . Thats it ! !
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  • Flashback
    I have owned most of my dream cars except one. A 65 Mustang GT-350 R model. Just three would make me happy. Since we are dreaming, these are all "new cars" I want.

    1. 65 Mustang GT-350 R . It would be second to a 53 Stude Starlight, had I never owned one.

    2. 53 Studebaker Starlight Coupe Commander. Velvet Black, with scarlet red interior (leather). 3-speed with overdrive. High compression, with 4.55 rear end, and hill holder.(I know it's standard). Underhood, glove box, emergency brk, and trunk lights. 8 -Tube radio, with rear seat speaker and roll up antenna. Climatizer and front and rear defroster. Windshield washer, and cigar lighter with light. Door edge guards, door handle guards, and rubber floor mats could be to-go items.

    3. 66 Fairlane GTA. White with emberglow interior. (first new car I ever owned)

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  • bezhawk
    I've already owned (some of) my dream cars.....but I wish I had some of them back.
    Studes would be :
    56 Golden Hawk
    50 Commander Starlite Coupe
    63 Daytona HT
    Non Studes:
    58 Packard Hawk
    56 Packard 400
    66 Toronado
    70 Lincoln Mark III
    newer Ford GT (40)

    Not a Camry in the bunch!!!! What's wrong with me!?

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  • jnormanh
    Covered headlight XKE
    The black '55 Chev from American Graffiti
    '96 Fleetwood w/ LT1 (whoops, already have one)
    A Watson Indy Roadster
    RWD Kurtis Novi*
    Volvo 1800 ES
    Ferrari Daytona

    *I'd only need it for one night. I'd trailer it down to I-26 about 3AM on a moonlit night, send the tow vehicle ahead 15 miles, light it off and make one pass.

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  • Jerry Forrester
    Just two.
    1953 Starliner
    1961 Starliner

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  • Bob Andrews
    69 Camaro Indy Pace Car Conv.
    69-70 Mustang Mach or Boss BB
    70 Charger Hemi w/pistol grip 4-speed
    65 Lincoln Conv.
    59 Bonneville 4dr. HT
    59 Cadillac 4dr. HT
    63 Super Lark
    63-64 GT Powershift w/AC
    69 Chevelle SS
    B-O-P hardtop wagon
    57-61 Imperial Conv.
    56 Cadillac
    late 30s Packard
    teens touring car
    new Camaro SS
    late Challenger
    05-08 Mustang KR

    I know there's others I'm not thinking of right now...

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  • paintim613
    '56-'57 T-Bird
    '57-'58 Pontiac Bonneville
    '56 Buick Roadmaster
    '56-'57 Continental Mark II
    '53 Packard Carribean
    '63 Corvette Split Window
    '53-'54 Buick Skylark

    To go along with our '53 Starlight Custom

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  • 56H-Y6

    Studebakers to start:
    '26 Big Six Sport Cabriolet by LeBaron
    '32 President State convertible sedan
    '33 President State convertible sedan
    '34 President Land Cruiser
    '38 President State convertible sedan
    '39 President State convertible sedan
    '41 President Skyway Land Cruiser
    '42 President Skyway Land Cruiser
    '53 Commander Starliner hardtop
    '56 President 2dr custom convertible
    "62-'64 GT Hawk custom convertible
    '64 President Cruiser Salon (ask if you want known what it is)

    More later

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  • bob40
    Simple list.
    A junkyard full of all the above cars plus a few thousand more.
    No maintenance,no upkeep.

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  • Nelsen Motorsports
    Here goes:

    Not in order.
    1953-54 Studebaker C/K
    1969 Dodge Superbee A12 in some funky MoPar color
    1969 429 Boss Mustang
    1936 Duesenberg SSJ Roadster or any Duesie for that matter
    1967 Chevy Biscayne 427, 4 speed, bench seats, radio and heater delete, no options
    1964 Studebaker Lark R4
    The General Lee
    A real Desert Storm/Iraq Humvee
    Lamborghini Countach
    1962 Ferrari GTO
    1937 Studebaker Coupe Express
    Lifted 1979 Ford truck with a 460 and a chrome rollbar
    Studebaker 4X4 truck
    Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W-30
    1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV NOT ORANGE, stripe delete
    Model A roadster with some big engine with an 871 supercharger on top
    1955 Chevy gasser like the one in Two-Lane Blacktop
    1970 1/2 Trans Am Ram Air IV made to look like a Trans Am racing series car
    1963 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible
    1969 AMC SC/Rambler
    1968 AMC AMX
    Stock Model T
    Studebaker Duece and a Half
    1956 Packard 400
    1953 Cadillac Eldorado

    Last, but not least, a crushed Prius to serve as a drip pan for cars that leak a lot of oil

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