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Posting Pics in Stove Huggers and managing attachments

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  • Posting Pics in Stove Huggers and managing attachments

    Photos uploaded directly from your computer takes up storage space the SDC pays for. Thus our photo storage space is prioritized as follows:

    1. Studebaker Tech Photos (As are posted in the Tech Talk Forum).
    2. Studebaker General photos (As posted in the General Studebaker Discussion Forum)
    3. Members Studebaker Pictures (in that forum)

    For those three Studebaker-specific forums you are able to upload photos from your computer. Of course you also have the choice of linking to your Photobucket-type photos as always.

    For the other forums, and specifically, the Stove Huggers forum, you can attach photos to posts via a link to your Photobucket-type picture hosting service.

    There are instructions for posting photos from Photobucket in this announcement link below. Go to the announcement and scroll down to the section on posting photos from Photobucket for instructions.

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    Thankx for the info!!